06 Mar 2018

Weathering the storm (and snow!)

Despite the disruptive and challenging weather conditions last week, Dardan Security and their security teams worked cooperatively around to clock to ensure their operations and client’s premises were not compromised.

One example of the great attitude and teamwork was demonstrated by our team based at City College Norwich who went above and beyond their call of duty to ensure the premises would be ready for the safe return of staff, students and visitors.

With a limited team available to make it to the site, our Site Manager took the decision to make the journey to the premises by foot, taking him two hours! One of our Officers extended his night shift to provide cover until his replacement arrived and another made arrangements to stay in Norwich overnight so she could make it into work in good time the following day.

In addition to the day-to-day security tasks, the team worked together to clear and grit the pathways leading to all buildings, only for the task to be undone by a further deluge of snow mid-morning.  After a well-earned tea break, and a quick dry off, the “carry on regardless” attitude resumed with a second attempt to clear pathways and steps, all carried out without a single whinge or grumble.

By the end of the day, full 24-hour security cover had been sourced for normal operations to resume. 

Dardan is proud to have such a great team of staff working together for the best interests of their client.  The team will be nominated for an award via the company’s quarterly award scheme.

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