14 Feb 2019

SIA pays Dardan a random compliance check in Suffolk

Whilst it is known that the SIA pays random compliance checks, it is still quite a shock to be told that one has just been paid to one of your sites!

This happened to us at one of our Suffolk sites last night - at 2000 hours to be precise - and we were only informed by our Security Officer once the visit was over. 

We are pleased to report that everything was in order, with no issues or concerns reported.  

Having stringent internal quality and compliance procedures in place there was no reason to doubt the result would be anything but, however, it is always good for our own practices to be tested and to know that the SIA are carrying out these checks to ensure companies operating within the private security industry comply with the licensing laws.

We would like to express a special word of thanks to Trevor Seeley, our Officer on site for his professionalism and assistance during the visit.

To find out more about the SIA’s Enforcement Operations and the locations recently visited please follow the link SIA Enforcement Operations

An astonishing fact: SIA is currently conducting 52 criminal investigations involving 62 businesses and 167 individuals.

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