Shell UK

Shell UK are a global group of energy and petrochemicals companies employing an average of 93,000 people across the world. 

Their operations at Bacton and their other key locations are a vital part of their business, providing gas supplies all across the UK.

The Bacton site comprises of a large processing installation receiving gas from the southern North Sea rigs and provides onward supply to the National Grid system.

  • Produce 13% of the UK’s oil & gas.
  • Operated in the UK since 1897
  • Shell supply major UK airports with fuel for about 600 aircraft each day.


Working closely with Shell, in assessing the potential vulnerabilities and carrying out a full risk assessment, Dardan are tasked with the protection of Shell UK Ltd (Bacton), its employees, sub-contractors, agents and/or representatives from terrorist activity, theft and criminal damage.

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