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Perenco is a leading independent Oil and Gas Company operating in 13 countries across the globe.

Ranging from Northern Europe to Africa and from Latin America to Southeast Asia. Perenco operates both onshore and offshore.

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Perenco transports a significant quantity of third-party gas through its operated infrastructure and pipeline system to its two operated gas terminals, Bacton and Dimlington, where the gas is processed and exported.

Since 1988 Dardan has established a successful working partnership with Perenco for the provision of security services at their Gas Terminal in Bacton – a high security CNI site. In 2015 Dardan took over the contract at the Dimlington Terminal providing an almost identical security provision.

Dardan also provides manned guarding services at Perenco’s main office premises and warehouse facilities.

Scope of Service for Bacton and Dimlington Gas Terminals

The security provision at the gas terminals includes control of access and egress, searching baggage, vehicles and mail screening, internal patrols and acting as the first point of contact for all visitors to site, providing site inductions for staff and contractors and issuing of ID cards.

We work closely with the Ministry of Defence Police in protecting these sites and regularly sit on contingency and desktop exercises with other stakeholders, as well as co-delivering the security awareness courses for the terminals with local Police forces and the MOD Police.

Our head of Specialist Services is an integral part of the Bacton Security Forum which includes the Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) colleagues among other groups and key stakeholders.

Dardan also manages Perenco’s courier service by providing a dedicated officer and vehicle for multiple collection and delivery of freight, parcels and post for the offshore sector comprising 30+ designated locations.  

Drug dog detection and breathalyser services are also provided on an ad-hoc basis at Perenco sites and during pre-flight check-in at airport and heliport terminals for Perenco personnel travelling offshore. 

Dardan has developed a number of bespoke search policies for the sites including a Terminal Search Policy comprising procedures on mail screening, vehicle search, facility search and baggage search and has also developed and delivered a series of bespoke training modules including an Energy sector Security Awareness course, Introduction to Security Awareness (an overview of threat, vulnerability and risk to critical infrastructure), and Recognition of Explosives.

Scope of Service for Office Premises, Norwich

Perenco’s Norwich base is a four storey office complex with surrounding grounds and car park. Dardan provides overnight and 24/7 weekend security cover.

The Officer is reception based with responsibility for access and egress control, checking of staff and visitor ID, control and issue of keys, operation of switchboard, CCTV monitoring and undertaking random internal and external patrols of the premises.

Additional manned guarding is provided at Perenco’s warehouse premises comprising of gatehouse duties, CCTV monitoring, access and egress.

Added Value and Contract Innovations

Recent work has been completed by our Head of Specialist Services, to conduct a full Counter Terrorism review of both the heliport operations used by Perenco and also the warehouse facilities.

A number of recommendations have been undertaken, with many more plans to develop in line with the initiatives suggested. Many of these suggestions are designed to drive efficiency, enhance security and where possible reduce costs.

We are also part of a working group to drive continuous improvement of the services through personnel and through supporting the drive to enhance physical security measures in line with CPNI requirements at the Bacton Gas terminal.

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