11 May 2018

How to Become a Security Guard

In recent years there has been a transition from the role of a traditional Security Guard into that of a Security Officer. Previously there was a perception that Security Guards worked only nights, spending their time sitting in gatehouses watching TV and occasionally walking around the premises with a torch.  With the ever-adapting threats and the individual needs of clients, security staff has had to evolve and become the Security Officers of today.

Our Security Officers are responsible for the safeguarding of all physical, human and corporate assets and as such are highly motivated, professional individuals. Dardan also supports career progression of our Security Officers into supervisory and management roles.

The first step in becoming a Security Officer is to obtain your Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence. You will need to complete a course with a certified training provider (these are widely available throughout the UK). The course fee may vary (between £200 – £250) and will consist of:

Common Security Industry Knowledge

  • Session 1: Awareness of the Law in the Private Security Industry
  • Session 2: Health and Safety for the Private Security Operative
  • Session 3: Fire Safety Awareness
  • Session 4: Emergency Procedures
  • Session 5: The Private Security Industry
  • Session 6: Communication Skills and Customer Care

Security Guarding Specialist Module

  • Session 1: Introduction to the Roles and Responsibilities of Security Officers
  • Session 2: Patrolling
  • Session 3: Access and Egress Control
  • Session 4: our ing
  • Session 5: Technology and Systems in the Security Environment
  • Session 6: The Security Officer and The Law
  • Session 7: Communicating, Reporting and Record Keeping

Conflict Management Module

  • Session 1: Avoiding Conflict and Reducing Personal Risk
  • Session 2: Defusing Conflict
  • Session 3: Resolving and Learning from Conflict
  • Session 4: Application of Communication Skills and Conflict Management for Security Guarding and Close Protection

Once it is confirmed that you have passed your SIA course you will need to apply for your frontline SIA licence. Before applying it is recommended that you check the licensing criteria on the SIA website: https://www.sia.homeoffice.gov.uk/Pages/licensing-applicants.aspx

The basic criteria to obtain an SIA licence is:

  • You must be over 18 years of age
  • You must pass criminality checks – the SIA will complete a DBS check
  • You must be eligible to work in the UK

The fee is £220 for a three-year licence.  The timescale to achieve the licence can vary as each application carries an individual history which has been taken into account. Below is an example of what a completed licence looks like once your application has been approved.

licence image.jpg

Once you have obtained your SIA licence, you can apply to join our forward-thinking and solution-driven team by completing an application form for the roles found at dardansecurity.co.uk/vacancies

All of our Security Officers are provided with a full uniform, PPE and receive full induction and site training.  In addition to a contributory pension, we also offer a retention bonus, a comprehensive employee benefits scheme and a quarterly and loyalty award scheme.

Good luck!  We hope to hear from you soon.

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