07 Dec 2018

The Benefits of Key Holding and Mobile Visiting Security Services

What is key holding?

One of our largest service provisions is key holding and alarm response.  Basically, we hold the keys to your premises so that we can attend in the event of an alarm activation.

This not only removes the personal risk and inconvenience to you and your employees from being called back into the workplace to deal with your alarm activations but also gives you peace of mind that any activation will be dealt with promptly and any resultant action instigated.


How does it work?

Upon acceptance of our quotation, a member of our Contracts Management team will visit you to carry out a survey of the premises, collect all keys and fobs for the building and prepare detailed Assignment Instructions. 

Keys and client details are held with the utmost security within our stringent, encrypted yet fully auditable systems.  Keys are only accessed by our SIA licensed staff when we need to attend your property.

On receiving an activation alert from your monitoring company, our 24 hour Control Centre will immediately dispatch one of our regional key holding patrol units to the scene.  On arrival, a highly trained SIA licensed Officer will assess the situation and act accordingly.  

Duties may include simply resetting the system if the activation is found to be a false alarm or coordinating with the Police and a boarding up company if more serious issues are apparent.

Customer incident reporting is carried out in a manner befitting the incident; we won’t disturb you in the night for a false alarm but you will be kept fully informed via an email and phone call the next working day.


Mobile visiting security services

At the end of a busy day, it is easy to overlook basic security related issues vital to your business.  For example:


  • Who is responsible for locking up at the end of the day?
  • Who is going to unlock the building in the morning?
  • Have all the windows been closed after a hot summers day?
  • Is the building ok after the storm last night?
  • Who’s parking in my car park?


All of these concerns, and more can be addressed with Dardan’s mobile visiting security services, which can be tailored to your exact needs. 

This may encompass mobile patrols of the exterior of your premises; internal foot patrols; scheduled unlocking and locking of barriers and buildings at times to suit your business needs or comprehensive inspections of vacant properties.

Our mobile patrol fleet is fully liveried, tracked and coordinated via our 24 hour Control Centre. 

All services are carried out by a team of highly trained SIA licensed Officers with visiting duties logged electronically, utilising the latest proof or presence verification technology.

In conjunction with key holding and alarm response services, our clients can be secure in the knowledge that Dardan have overwatch on their business during silent hours.

Our key holding services are provided across the UK, get in touch with us today and learn more about our security key holding offerings and how these can be tailored to your business. 


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