CSR (formerly Cambridge Silicon Radio)

A global wireless technology provider, CSR leads the way in the design and sales of Bluetooth and GPS devices. Their products provide innovative and advanced solutions for audio technology.

CSR’s previous security provider unfortunately went into receivership, leaving CSR without adequate security protection. As CSR house their data centers on-site in temperature controlled rooms, hold Intellectual Property on site and operate in a number of buildings different locations on Cambridge Business Campus, the need for a dedicated, professional security solution was fundamental to their continued business operations.

CSR required a local security company to meet their very specific requirements.  Dardan’s objectives were to provide a cost-effective solution for the protection of four CSR locations and the on-site data centres and recommend processes to improve their access control system whilst reducing the opportunity for physical theft and corporate espionage / sabotage.


After reviewing CSR’s current security arrangements in detail, Dardan submitted a proposal that would meet the specific security needs of CSR, including the provision of eight professional security guards to operate 24/7 across three CSR locations. In addition there's a Security Supervisor on-site at all times with further reception duties, and coordinating of deliveries, included. Temperature monitoring of the server environment and a special fire suppressant system - which included specific training and development - has been installed as a service. CSR have access control system management, including the monitoring of temporary and permanent access passes and the issuing of identity passes and co-tags. Following consultations, Dardan have recommended the on-site presence of a security vehicle to reduce the number of security personnel required, which also enable monitoring of a fourth building.

Further to accepting the proposal, CSR were impressed with the quality of the service and overall improvements security procedures provided by Dardan. The provision of an on-site security vehicle was extremely effective as a visual crime deterrent, resulting in reduced numbers of security personnel required on site. Frank Dickson, the Security Supervisor at CSR, was commended as Officer of the Quarter in Q1 by Dardan in the first quarter of 2014 for his continued performance as a thorough, committed Supervisor, always willing to go the extra mile to assist the team in meeting their objectives. 

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