Associated British Ports

Associated British Ports operates 21 ports, the leading UK port operator, covering approximately one quarter of the UK’s sea born trade.

Associated British Ports are responsible for transport, haulage, terminal operations, dredging and marine consultancy. In 2015 ABP handled 92 million tonnes of Cargo and supported 84,000 jobs. ABP contribute around £5.6 billion to the UK economy each year.

ABP’s Lowestoft and Kings Lynn locations cover approximately 97 acres of land each and serve busy sea routes, also acting as a base for the Greater Gabbard Offshore wind farm. The Lowestoft site handles 100,000 tons of cargo each year, while the Kings Lynn site handles over 500,000. 


Dardan provides security for ABP’s Lowestoft and Kings Lynn Ports, covering almost 200 acres of land. Through partnering with Dardan Security, ABP have been able to monitor and fully control who has access to their company premises; ensuring the maximum safety for staff, visitor and contractors, and maximum security for their cargo.

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